Thursday, March 20, 2008

Richard Feynman and Henry Miller

So I am on a chat with Munich Hawk
and it has inspired me to post this...

Sometimes I wonder way people in the community are so into Self Help.
The idea of it is great of taking control of your life, but for the most part is seems to be a circular product.
I have read my fair share, and maybe that is just me.

But one thing I have never understood is that why don't people read
Henry Miller or Richard Feynman.

In fact most people in the community don't know who either one is.
Miller was the ultimate Bohemian, he actually would have to Rival William Blake for that title.
But if you were to read Tropic of Cancer or his Love Letters you would know how and why I say to read his books.
He was more badass than any PUA I know and in his 80s he was still pulling 10s.

Then there is Feynman who is a character himself.
Won a Noble Prize for Physics, theorized in Strip Clubs, and even broke down game himself.
He was at Los Alamos and was instrumental in Challenger Investigation.
He wrote in "Surly you must be Joking Mr. Feynman" how he learned to pick up chicks in bar all the way across the USA. But mainly he would get stuck in Vegas and hustle all sorts of shit.

Anyway I felt propelled to put that out there...



dissolve said...

All seduction "gurus" that base their theories on half-assed understandings of anthropology and evolutionary psychology should read Feynman's speech on Cargo cult science.

In addition to Miller, put down the fluff pop-philosophy of Eckhardt Tolle and pick up some Nietzsche.

metalbox80007 said...

Figures you would advise these authors after I just started to read Social Intellegence.

Will said...

Thank you for mentioning Feynman. I discovered him years ago, and his 'never buy a girl a drink' adage was the only game-related wisdom I had until I recently discovered the community.